The Marion County, Arkansas Republican Committee and dedicated voters
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Committee Profile

We are the people of Marion County, 100% volunteers, totally committed to the philosophy of limited government conceived by such men as Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Paine and the many others who shared their dreams of freedom and worked to create the nation which we inhabit.

We are dedicated to the principles that have made the Republican Party great and have sustained it through peace and war, prosperity and depression, times of goodness and times of evil. Regardless of the circumstances in which we find ourselves, the people of the United States have always been a force for good.

Our heritage is our inheritance and, more than that, it is the inheritance of our children and their children for generations to come. If we fail to safeguard our freedoms, if we fail to share the dream of limited self government, if we fail to understand the scope of the battle in which we are presently engaged, then we shall have earned the condemnation of all who shall hereafter hear our names and study our puny efforts.

Our Mission

To become the majority party in Marion County and to bring to the people thereof the fairest and
least expensive government that humans can conceive.

The Marion County Republican Committee Supports:

* God, Country & Community

* Property Rights

* Local Control of Schools

* Marriage Between a Man
and a Woman

* Keep and Bear Arms

* National Defense

Justices of the Peace

Phillip Doshier - District 8 - (870)449-5222
Terry Ott - District 5 - (870) 449-4645
William Stahlman - District 2 - (870)404-7500
David Waggoner - District 4 - (870)453-1107
John Kennedy - District 7 - (870)754-0253




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